“I can’t memorize because my memory is terrible!” Well, that’s reason one to memorize. Forcing our faulty brain to drive important information into long-term memory is good brain therapy. That only happens by process of repeating something daily over a long period of time.

Phil. 4:8 tells us to think about whatever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of a good report. That really can’t be done properly unless we memorize the precious promises of Scripture so we can feed on them when we face the battles of life.

The things we invest most in become the most precious to us. It is readily apparent when we converse with someone who spends much time in the Word. Spending hours in the Word and hiding it in our hearts so that it dwells in us richly makes it a part of our life.

Suffering will come your way and it can confuse and knock you off balance. Having memorized great portions of Scripture is so helpful at those times. Not only will God’s voice ring in your ears on those days, but you’ll recall where to go to see more of the story. Memorizing imprints those sections in your mind.

We also need to remember that with the same comfort that we’ve received that we can minister gospel comfort and help to others in the household of faith. So, memorizing isn’t just for you, but a way for you to love others as well. A way to affirm the foundation of another.

Packing your gray matter with God’s Word will also do much to keep your baloney meter working well. The world lies to you continually and convincingly. It’s had a good teacher in the devil, the father of lies. The clearer you have the Word in your mind (undiluted, memorized word-forword) the more quickly and accurately you can spot baloney when it comes your way.

Memorizing longer passages and packing our mind isn’t easy. We’ve become a society of headline scanners instead of deeper thinkers. Don’t be an internet Christian, a babe in Christ, for all of your life.

My hope is that some of you will come to a spiritual fork in the road this morning and choose the road less traveled. That you’ll be challenged and dedicated over the long haul to seeding your mind with the life-changing oracles of God!

Bro. Bret