Deacon Selection Process

Today, we start a Journey that will culminate in the installation of additional Deacons to serve the church. In a nutshell, we need Deacons to:
 Free your Pastor for study, prayer and preparation for feeding the flock.
 Promote and protect church harmony
 To strengthen the church toward spiritual and numerical growth
 To actively spread the good news of Jesus Christ
 To help provide for the welfare of church members

In return, the Church has obligations to Deacons:
 We are to seek the will and way of God for guidance in selecting and resting Deacons
 We are to undergird with prayer and encourage them
 We are to work alongside them

The selection process starts now. I will deliver messages on the qualifications and method of selection to be employed this week and next. The following week will be a Concert of Prayer and nominations will be opened church wide.
Candidates will be nominated by the church over the next couple of weeks and be simultaneously qualified by self inspection and elder inspection. At the end of these two weeks, the names of those emerging as “qualified” will be published to the church.
During the next two weeks, the church will be requested (in the spirit of Matthew 18) to approach any candidate with concerns they may have with a candidates potential service. This inspection period will last for two weeks.
Candidates that advance beyond the inspection phase will then advance to a church vote at the beginning of November. Approval of a candidate requires a 2/3 affirmative vote of members present at that special called meeting.
Newly selected Deacons will then proceed to an ordination council in the middle of November and beyond that, to an ordination/installation service at the end of that same month.
Please continued to pray through each phase of the process. Gods will be done.

Pastor Bret