Have you ever gone to eat someplace that was raved about and hated it? Been to some show or landmark that was a “don’t miss it,” and wondered what all the fuss is about?
There is a place that most folks have heard about that is going to exceed all expectations. This place is the New Jerusalem, the city of God that comes down out of Heaven.
Since the fall of Satan and the fall of man, this first heaven and earth have been under a curse. Job 15:15 tells us that the heavens are not clean in His sight and verse 16 tells us that man drinks iniquity like water. Bottom line, this present heaven and earth are polluted by sin and God is going to redo it.
This world has had the blood of billions soak into its soil. Some on battlefields, some by the hands of murderers, some by accident, some by their own hand. The footprints of tyrants and murderers and thieves and lepers are everywhere. The air we breath is the same air that has been exhaled by men that blaspheme God as they do unspeakable and abominable acts. That foul air and odor swirls through the trees and permeates every fiber of this present sinful world.
But all of this toxicity is going to be burned away by the fire of judgment. And when God is through, every atom of this earth and the heavens over it will be purged and super soaked with nothing but righteousness. The New Jerusalem, glorious, sinless, eternal, will come down from above. A forever home for the redeemed of all the ages to enjoy.
There are many here this morning who have been through troubled and dark days. Others who will go through them. Our humanity can get discouraged and we can question whether we ought to persist in faithfulness to an unseen God. Those thoughts get louder when we feel that He has misplaced our address or is ignoring our pain. We can even begin to wonder whether its even worth it to persevere.
Beloved, don’t you dare toss in the towel! Don’t be as a dog returning to the vomit of this present corrupt world. God has a future planned for you that is out of this world!

Rev. 21:2—And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Bro. Bret

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